10 Dec 2014

Close, but no brownie

Brownie Brittle is one of the most delicious sweets out there. Their Twitter team is responsive. However, the missed an enormous opportunity. I mentioned them one day in passing with a Twitter friend and got no response. Then I had a conversation about them with New York Jets player T. J. Barnes, who decided he wants to try it now. Then I said that I wanted some, but didn’t have any. They promptly directed me to a link to buy some. That’s a fair response, but there was one that would have been way better.

  • I like Brownie Brittle, too. Got it as a Klout Perk in the mail awhile back…. Haha. But I definitely see your point here. They had an outstanding lead on the hook and failed to do…. um… anything with it. Maybe they’ll read and watch here and learn something from the experience.

    • Jason Viglione

      This is a situation where it’s not as much of a fail as it is a miss. These are the opportunities that brands need to watch for and use for huge gains with loyalists.

  • Vincenzo M Landino

    I’ve never had Brownie Brittle. But if they aren’t sending me a bag, I don’t know if I want to start. haha