09 Jan 2015

Announcement #1 – CommunityBoost revamped

January 09, 2015Articles, Business

We’ve been teasing a couple of things over the last few weeks. The first is that we have big announcements and the other is that we have big changes coming to our flagship product, CommunityBoost. Well it’s time for announcement #1, which is the revamped product. We are excited to tell you all about it today, now that it’s 100% finished and ready to be unveiled right now.

The purpose of CommunityBoost is to increase your presence, provide consistent engagement and keep you in contact with your customers. We do this by handling your entire social footprint. We were taking the biggest platforms and using them for your brand. Facebook, Twitter, Google+ and Pinterest were the big 4 in 2014. By the end of the year we found we were “shoehorning” brands into this model and decided it needed to be completely rethought. So, in late November we took the framework of documents and ripped them all apart leaving a loosely constructed skeleton of ideas and beliefs. The overhaul began.

Rather than looking at platforms individually, we decided to categorize them by purpose and information type. The 4 categories we came up with are: Community, News, Photo, and Reputation. We then carefully paired up platforms that fit into each category. In 3 of 4 categories, there is a choice. Here is how it works out.

  • Community – Facebook. Despite the things people say about it, it’s where the most conversations happen. With around 200,000,000 on Facebook just in the United States, this is where you get eyes on your content, along with comments, tagging, discussion and more.
  • News – Google+ and Twitter. People find breaking news on Twitter all the time. It’s a stream of information. Google is king of the search game and Google+ helps improve your rankings in search. Do you want to be first to share information or drive visits to your site for conversions? We’ll help you choose which is right for you.
  • Photos – Instagram and Pinterest. One is a continuous stream of photographs vertically. The other is a lateral and careful organization of photos. Are your photos topical or categorized? What’s the age and demographic you want to reach? We’ll help you there too.
  • Reputation – Yelp or industry specific. People write reviews on Yelp all day long. Someone is writing a review about a business right now. Maybe that business hasn’t claimed their Yelp page yet and can’t respond. Maybe you’re in an industry where there are better sites for you. Auto dealer? Edmunds, DealerRater, Hotel? TripAdvisor, Expedia, etc. You get the idea. Guess what? We’ll help choose.

You read this list and thought. But I want Instagram AND Pinterest. Ok, we can do that too. Whichever you don’t choose is available a la carte. SURPRISE!

Oh… we’re so not done yet.

We love social, clearly. But we’re not content putting all our eggs in one basket and we’re surely not going to do it with your eggs. Just like everything else in technology, people jump all in on certain topics, get burnt out, leave, let the dust settle and come back more carefully. We’re talking about blogs and e-newsletters. Email open rates are climbing again; bloggers can’t take their fingers off the keyboards. Fresh for 2015, we’re adding a digital component to the socialization of your brand.

  • Digital – blog or e-newsletter. We’ll create a newsletter, fill it with content and push it out the door. We’ll use it to run contacts and integrate it into your social media. Maybe your industry isn’t full of email superfans; salon owners, we’re looking at you. You want a blog. You want to talk about the latest tips, tricks, news, methods or other things that you know in depth. We’ll craft topics, get information from you, write the post, submit to you for revisions, edit and post it to your website and share on social media. It’s just like having a ghost writer.

We’ve altered the amount of posts per week and changed our approach. We’re no longer farming out content on set days. Out editorial content calendars (that we build with you) are totally flexible. All your content gets out, but without stepping on the toes of other content. How do we do it? Well that’s our secret sauce, but let’s just say that we’ve learned how to not interrupt ourselves.  Your ad budgets have gone up. As always, included in the price is money to help cut through some of that digital noise and get your message heard. Each plan has an increased budget for those campaigns.

Finally, we’ve realized that all this digital and social stuff leaves some dead ends. What about when people are in your business’ location? What about when they have trouble and need service and hit your website? What about when you want to have them embrace your brand in a physical, non-digital way? We’re socializing all three of those things, but we’re not going to tell you anymore about that just yet. Stay tuned.

So you get more choices, more content, more categories, more budget. That means you get more price, right? Wrong. In a stunning turn of events, we’re not adjusting the price whatsoever. 2014 was a fun year where we carefully listened to what was working and not working in the space. That’s how we came to these decisions for 2015.

Call us today at 800-282-4588 or email or or and start the conversation with us so we can start the conversation with your audience.