14 Apr 2015

April Fool’s Day and the Scarfkin

April 14, 2015Articles

Congratulations to Buffalo Wild Wings. They win at April Fool’s Day. Here’s how it went down:

April 1st they tweeted:

Naturally, everyone thought they were just kidding. I responded because I had a feeling they were serious. In to the abyss went my response. April 2nd they tweeted:

At it turns out, I was right. They had me DM them and then they gave me an email address. It was at Gmail and Buffalo Wild Wings was spelled wrong? Could this all be a horrible, cruel prank? They assured me it wasn’t.

April 6th they emailed me to say it was on the way. I waited with bated breath.

April 7th at 10:30 am my doorbell rings and UPS haas a box emblazoned with a winged buffalo. Hurriedly, I open it to reveal the following contents.

2015-04-14 10.09.062015-04-14 10.09.152015-04-14 10.10.05 2015-04-14 10.10.12 2015-04-14 10.10.33 2015-04-14 10.11.17So it was real. They used a day that people spend analyzing every word posted on social media to create buzz. They made one, single product to create higher demand. They delivered in a big way. This is how you market to your audience on a day like April Fool’s Day.