About Us

What is JayVig Media?

The social space is evolving rapidly. Social media is here to stay. JayVig Media started as a personal brand for Jason Viglione, or JayVig, to get out his message and passion about information sharing and the social space. When he realized so many people needed help, JayVig Media began to evolve. JayVig Media, LLC. is a social strategist for your brand in this changing industry. We will help build a custom social strategy for your brand. We will learn your company and carve a custom path through the social media jungle to ensure that you and your brand stand out from the competition.

We Excel At

Content Creation

JayVig Media is United States Air Force veteran founded and owned. The unique talents and experiences of the founders combined with the core values of the US Air Force (Integrity First, Service Before Self, Excellence in All We Do) came together to create very specific core values in JayVig Media. That is how we live at the intersection of customer needs, new technology, marketing and innovation (there are lots of corners in our intersection).

Meet the Team

Who is JayVig Media?

Jason Viglione

Jason spent nearly 20 years connecting people through the use of technology and networks. Early on in the social revolution he saw a fundamental change in the way people communicate. He turned all of his attention to social media and new networks and began helping companies use these profound platforms to bring people together. At the urging of friends that became his eventual co-founders, JayVig Media went from a blog to a company. Now he creates strategy and content for our clients and handles every aspect of daily operation.

Ty Everson

Ty played two important roles in the formation of JayVig Media. First, he was the one that was convinced the principles we talk about all day long belonged as part of a professional product. He was the driving force behind the formation of the company. Second, Ty’s military intelligence background meant he could ferret out any information you’d ever need. What’s more is that he could make sense of it. Our analytics, insights and measurement are due to Ty’s early foundational work in that area.

Steve Spera

Steve is an entrepreneur at heart. With 10 years of experience running his own insurance agency and helping build a video production company, he knows what it takes to keep the back office running smoothly. As COO, Steve makes sure that JayVig Media has all of the resources it needs to provide exemplary service to its clients. Steve enjoys social media and technology, which makes him a natural fit with the front-end vision and mission of JayVig Media. It is that combination of interest and skills that will help our clients experience the frictionless process between them and us.

Linda Chechele

Sales Director
Linda is a sales professional with many years in the health and beauty industry. She spent much of her time consulting with businesses to help them reach more people and the next generation using present day marketing techniques. She loves how technology and social media enable B2C communication and now she gets to explain to businesses how JayVig Media helps accomplish that. If you want to see someone light up a room, get Linda talking about why all this matters for business owners.

Matt Ligon

The back end guru. Matt helped JayVig Media become a reality by navigating all the legal waters to help us form. With almost a decade of military service and an MBA, he took the idea of a company and made it so. Since then, he has taken a path toward other professional adventures, but Matt remains a trusted advisor in every piece of the company and a cornerstone in all decisions that concern the JayVig Media family.

That is what we do and that is our team. Feel free to read through the site to learn why social media is important and begin to get a sense for our passion and values. Contact – Email Phone – 800-282-4588

You will never miss an opportunity to adopt a new platform or utilize a new service that will let you better reach your target market. We will help you engage your audience, and build your following, but more importantly build meaningful relationships with them. From building a plan to implementation to managing a reputation (your customers are already talking about you online. Are you listening?) to fully running your social campaign, we are dedicated to ensuring your brand does not get left behind during the most important transition in technology and media.


Why are we the best?

We believe. It’s that simple. We truly believe that the social space has given businesses and customers the ability to connect in new and profound ways. And we never stop creating new ways to make that happen for our clients.

How did we come to be?

Jason had been connecting people through his work in technology for nearly two decades. His belief in the social movement started as a blog until friend and confidant Ty Everson convinced him to build a company around his ideas. Jason and Ty recruited Matt Ligon to be the third co-founder. Jason’s strategic vision, Ty’s ability to find and manipulate data sets and Matt’s business savvy all worked in concert to create the first versions of what is now our flagship product, CommunityBoost.

What is the ROI (Return on Investment)?

Immeasurable. Social media marketing for your business will deepen long term relationships with those who love your brand the most. It will help mend fences with those who may have had negative experiences. It will build new relationships with those who have not yet been exposed to your brand.

Why should I have someone else do it and not just do it myself?

You call a plumber for your pipes, an electrician for your wires and an accountant for your books. Call us (or even one of our competitors) for your social marketing. We think in 140 characters (if you don’t get that, you need us more than you realize). We track the latest trends, abilities and rules. We know how to navigate the ever changing landscape. You run your business, we’ll run your social. Focus on your passion.

Is this here to stay? Are you sure social media isn’t just a fad?

It is as much a fad as radio, the telephone and TV are fads – all things companies stayed away from using in the beginning because they were “just a fad.”

How do I know you’ll represent my business the right way? What do you know about what I do?

We don’t do anything for you. We do it all with you. We learn your business, your people, your product, your area and more. Then we create your digital voice. Every piece of content that goes out on your behalf is part of a strategy we’ve crafted together to make sure you’re positioned exactly how you prefer.

So if you’re doing all this, why do I need ads?

We hear this a lot. We wish we could say that you don’t. Social media is noisy. Creating a strategy is how we put you in the middle of the this really loud, really popular party. Creating ads… well… if you want to be heard at a loud party a megaphone helps. Only difference here is we can make sure that message is delivered only to the people most likely to buy what you’re selling.