Incentive Program

Incentive Program

A little of your time = Reward from us

The thing we love most about social media is that it is made up of the same handful of ingredients, but the recipe for how we mix them is almost limitless. The combinations of incentives and approaches and strategies give us the opportunity to craft customized social strategies for every business we meet. The other thing we love is the fact that creating engaging messages and conversing with customers is not unique to any one industry or business.

Our core tenets of consistent messaging across all platforms, reputation management, brand, relationship building, long term ROI, and ubiquitous contact apply to everyone, including ourselves.

There are just some things we cannot do alone and some things we can’t replicate. For example, customer experience. We know what people are doing wrong, but we’re not always objective. So, we may ask you to be our virtual secret shopper on a website and let us know what was easy or hard, liked/disliked, etc. Or we may want to put the exponential power of the social networks to use and have you send your legions of friends to things. We don’t even really know, ourselves, but we can’t do everything without the customer’s input and you’re the customer.

So we need your help at times. And we know you’re busy. That’s why we’re creating bribes incentives. They won’t always be the same so you’ll have to read the details each time to see what you need you to do and what we’re offering in return.

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