Mission #1 – Find the Salon

Mission #1 – Find the salon (closed)

Good afternoon everyone,

We have our first task for whoever is up to the challenge. We are in the process of building a social strategy for our first client since the April re-launch of the company. All of our ducks are finally in a row (except that little one at the back; he can’t follow directions) and we are conducting business again. We need to make sure we didn’t miss anything. Looking at the client through consumer glasses will only get us so far and then it starts to feel contrived. So we need an actual consumer to do a little bit of leg work and tell us what you find. Below are the requirements and some details; the really fine print will be provided in email with the chosen participant.

  • Client: Salon in NY
  • Participant gender: Female (sorry boys, but unless you know about all salon services, you need to wait for the next one).
  • Prerequisites:
    • Know your way around major social networks/platforms and be able to search them for an entity.
    • Have spent time in salons and familiar with current/past hair trends (If you have an 80′s tease, this isn’t right for you).
    • Own a smartphone (part of this will need to be done with an app).
  • Time required: Between 30 and 60 minutes if you’re organized and good at searching.
  • Deadline: 5:00pm, July 3rd
  • Incentive: $20 iTunes gift card (or Google Play for Android users).

If you are interested and capable, send an email to info@jayvigmedia.com with “Pick me for Mission 1″ in the subject. First person to respond with a quick, 1-2 sentence reason why you’re interested, will be chosen and given final details. Don’t hesitate to jump in on this because, in the event, the chosen person cannot complete it, we will move down the line of entrants.

You also never know what other data we are tracking (such as how many times people volunteer, who engages the most, and other items) that get you sent random thank you items. I’m not saying we will. I’m not saying we wont. I’m just saying that we can’t if we don’t know who you are.

Comment below, share, click, like, pin, tweet. More for us, means more for you.