Mission #2 – This is Sparta!

Mission #2 – This is Sparta! (closed)

What? Well, we’re on the way to 300 likes. Get it? Sparta? 300? Anyway, JayVig Media’s Facebook page has just crossed 200 likes (thank you to all current “likers”). We want more and we want to reward you who have already clicked.

What: Get us more likes
How: Share the page with friends, family, associates, strangers, whoever and get them to like.
Where: Go to the page (http://www.facebook.com/JayVigMedia) and click the gear icon at the top right (just under the (r)evolution graphic). Then click share. Share it however you see fit.
Who: All people who have currently liked the page.
Why (we want you to): Because more likes means more eyes which means bigger impact which means one step closer to changing the world
Why (you should): Because you’re awesome and want to support JayVig Media and our mission (and you want a shot at the prize below).

Terms: As of this posting, we have 204 likes. That means there are 96 more likes to the 300 mark (when this ends). You share the page and get someone to like it. When they do, we need to know about it. You or them need to let us know that they were a referral (Facebook doesn’t do unique referral links this way). To prove you know them, we need to be able to see the mutual friend connection. That’s it.

Prize: The person who refers the most people to our page wins. What do you win? That depends on you. The prize is $1 for every like you get us. So if you hustle and get us the next 96 likes to reach 300, you win a gift card for $96 dollars (although that’s next to impossible). If you lead the pack of referrers with 25 likes brought in, you get $25. It’s that simple.

Catch: We have lowered our advertising budget to a measly $2 per day. That should bring in about a like a day through advertising. That means two things. First, you need to get cracking before our ads pull in likes and detract from your pool. Oh, and you have to beat the machine. So if you bring in 30 likes and our ads bring in 31… we use the prize money to buy more ads. So what works better? Organic shares or paid advertising?

Bonus: If all of the likes you brought in choose to stick around, we’ll give you a bonus gift card matching the first one. We want to get engaged, interested people. We aren’t interested in just buying likes. So, let’s see how well we can target people. How long do they have to hang around for you to get the bonus? Could be 30 days, could be 60 days. You’ll know you made it when a 2nd card arrives on your doorstep.

On your mark…
Get set…