You know what JayVig Media is about. You know our philosophies. You know our intentions. You are probably wondering what we can do for you and how we can do it. We do nothing for you; we do it all with you.

We’ve been carefully examining all the categories associated with web presences and growing your brand in today’s two-way, conversational space. We couldn’t be more excited about our suite of products:

CommunityBoost – Increase your presence, provide consistent engagement, stay in contact with your customers
VisualBoost – Amazing content needs amazing visual representation. Boost your visual presence..
AdBoost  – Cut through the noise of social media. Careful creation of ads – creatives, targeting, placement – to ensure your message reaches your audience.

Each product is fully customizable to fit the needs of every client. Beyond that, we are creating industry-based frameworks to help speed up the process of making your online presence effective.

As always, just talk to us. Let’s discuss what’s right for you. There are no numbers on this page on purpose. We will not give you a quote here because you’re all unique so your pricing should be also. We are happy to work it out with you. or head to our contact page and submit the form.