Facebook does what it needs to do to manage traffic. We do what we do to make sure you get an open lane for your traffic.

You post content that is engaging and on topic. You stay away from memes and you don’t break any of the cardinal rules of JayVig Media. You are doing everything right. For some reason, people aren’t responding. That is because Facebook is a noisy, noisy place. It is estimated that only 16% of fans see every post a brand makes. As terrible as that sounds, it can’t be helped. If every person say every post, it would be chaotic.

There are over 180,000,000 people on Facebook in the United States. Your product is not meant for every single one. That means you need to get your message out to the right people so you can get the response you’ve been looking for.

The key to solving this problem is by using ads. Most people are ad-averse. They don’t want to spend money. They hate paying FB to use it. We understand that. That is we can help you create specific, custom, targeted ads to make sure that awesome content gets seen by the people that matter. Facebook makes it complicated. We can untangle that mess.

AdBoost Features


  • Demographics – age, location, gender, relationship status, etc.
  • Connections – they like your page, they like a topic, they are total strangers
  • Interests, keywords, hashtags


  • Upload images crafted and optimized specifically for Facebook ads.
  • Write copy that is effective and eye-catching
  • Alter budget, dates, times, etc to make sure your ad dollars go directly to eyeballs


Methods change every day. Effective techniques become ineffective as social media and ad targeting, specifically, evolve over time. We are up to date on every change, trend, and capability.




# of concurrent campaigns


Graphic design/optimization

Daily promotion



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