Community Boost

Community Boost

Increase your presence, provide consistent engagement; stay in contact with your customers.

You are busy running your business and helping customers in person. We are interacting with customers on your behalf on all social platforms in the digital/social space. Our efforts help ensure that more people talking to you online are converted to customers by being engaging and letting them know that you care about them and their experience.

Posting – What? When? Where? How much? Great questions. We have answers.

You call a plumber for your pipes, an electrician for your wires and JayVig Media for your social media. Let the experts do what works for your business.

CommunityBoost Features

Social Profile Management
• Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Pinterest, Instagram, etc.
• New content, replies, comments, direct messages
• Questions and all user-initiated messages

Constant Monitoring
• Posts are made consistently
• All content is monitored daily
• No customers will be ignored

Beyond Engagement
• Email newsletters/campaigns help get info out
• Giveaways/contests managed from beginning to end
• Blog topic curation, post writing, editing

Everything is done with you, not for you
• If you have specials/sales, we’ll get it out there
• Monthly Action Plans help us work with you to make sure we feature items/product/services important to you & your business
• We keep the schedule flexible to account for last minute changes or news

Budget conscious choices
• Our products scale with your growth

Be where your audience is and customize your presence in each category. Make informed decisions based on your brand and the demographics of your customers.

We look at 5 major segments of marketing online:
•Community – Where engagement and conversations happen.
•News – Where people tune in to find out what’s new
•Photos – Showcase your brand through photos and imagery.
•Reputation – Manage your reputation through Yelp/etc.
•Digital – Tell your story in long form

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Don’t want to choose? Add more with a la carte pricing

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•$199 initial setup and strategy creation fee.
•No long-term contracts. We advise each client to partner for 90-days. Month-to-month upon completion.
•Upgrade pricing specials: Move up a tier during the first 3 months and pay half the price difference for 6 months. (e.g. $399 intro to $599 standard = $498)

We have bells and whistles to make your social presence really stand out. Choose your add-ons:

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Call or email us today to begin discussing how we can help your business achieve total success during the digital (r)evolution. 

Download the full product flier here.
Download a one-page printer friendly overview here.



*Social demographics include: audience size, market size, existing brand awareness, existing presence on platforms and others.
†Depending on engagement. Active posts generating leads will not be buried with new content.
‡Does not include replies, direct messages or other conversational items