Veteran’s Special

Veteran’s Special

You may not know this, but JayVig Media was founded by three US Air Force veterans. That’s right, all 3 founding members served. And each of them brought very unique talents and skills to the table in the early days of JVM.

Matt was a commissioned officer with a business background. Navigating the legal waters of company formation, documentation and organization was his task. The government or IRS haven’t come knocking yet so… good job Matt. He is why JVM isn’t just a blog anymore.

Ty had a background in military law enforcement and then military intelligence. As an intel troop, he could ferret out any information needed and put it together into a usable data set. That was crucial to using social media as a marketing tool.

Jason has been in technology and communications for a long, long time. Being part of the evolution of communications is what made him spot the changes brought by social media. It was his vision to create JVM and help people use these tools.

Together, this triumvirate created the early iterations of the company you know today. It was the military service that brought them together and the military training that added the context to their relationship.

Our pledge to give back

As of today, Veteran’s Day 2013, JayVig Media announces specials for veterans. If you own/run/manage a business or are part of the advertising/marketing/PR team and are a veteran, we want to offer special pricing for you. As you know, we don’t do static pricing for anything, so talk to us about your needs and we will be there for you.

Because veterans and military service is foundational to this company and to this country, we want to extend this offer to veterans EVERY day.