Amazing content needs amazing visual representation. Boost your visual presence.

You read all the things we post and you look at all the product offerings and you’re ready to hit the ground running or maybe you already have, but you notice one thing. In today’s HD world, your imagery looks like Super Mario before he ate his first mushroom in 1985. To put it plainly, you’ve been recycling your same logo over all the years. It’s stretched and distorted and shows every pixel. Your images suffer from that JPG distortion – you’d recognize it if you saw it.

What about photos? People’s heads get cut off when you highlight a post on Facebook because the picture is tall (portrait) and the placeholder is wide (landscape). The ones that don’t get cut off show a time stamp from that 2.1 megapixel camera that’s been floating around the office. And unless it’s a ThrowbackThursday picture, there’s no place for that. Don’t even tell me you’ve scanned old photos. We just don’t want to know about it.

So you need everything to get redone. It’s time you break up with your low-resolution past and get quality imagery. That’s that VisualBoost is designed to do. It will make sure you have high quality images and photos everywhere they belong. And they’ll all be created to fit in the very places they’re destined for. No more square peg, round hole, upload and hope for the best. No more awkward cropping.

We do several things with VisualBoost and they all serve the same purpose – get people to look. I’m sure your significant other in life has a great personality, but you didn’t know that right away. What did you know? Only what you saw. That’s the hook; your content does the rest. Let us create great logos (or spruce up the one you have so it looks great on new resolutions) and do a full scale photo shoot of your product/premises/team/whatever. Not only does it look better, but it creates tons of content for you to post with and create stories from.


Logo design

  • Update your logo and other images to follow current design trends. As of this writing, everything is going flat with long shadows (just like our logo).
  • Quality enhancements. Small images enlarged and kept clean (just how the yellow brick road looks great on Blu-Ray on a 60″ screen).
  • Variety of sizes and formats offered. You can use the same image for your brochure or your embroidery (in most cases). All originals become yours on completion (included layered source files)

Photo sessions for branding display

  • The essence of your brand will be captured for proud display at the top of all your profiles (simply put – we want it to look like you and feel like you).
  • Unique photos for each platform and placeholder. How big is a FB profile photo? What about a G+ header? We have all those answers and more.
  • Professional photographer to guarantee quality. Years of professional experience and high quality gear so you’re comfortable. These aren’t Aunt Edna’s snapshots from your wedding.
  • All customer feedback and input welcomed and considered during editing. These are your photos and your business. We want to hear your input.
  • We get to know what you’re about to sure your identity is represented.

Photos for content

  • Product/team/facilities/tools – show them off in posts.
  • Events held on site.
  • Candid photos showing your company doing what it does best (no posed candid shots, you know the ones we mean; you’re all so over the moon about the spreadsheet right?).
  • A full repository of photos provided for you to pull from. You’ll lose the DVD, we know it. So, they’re in the cloud for you to take from.

Just one example of  a client’s brand represented:




Logo Update

Images for all positions

Main profile pictures only

Photo shoot of team/premises

Recurring update/event shoot

Access to photo repository


Upload/caption assistance

White label/watermark free

JayVig Media branded photos


Included in proposal

*14 day access for transfer